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VIP Medical House Call bietet persönliche Besuche für:

VIP Medical House Call bietet auch Telekonsultationen an (per Telefon oder Video).

Hochmoderne diagnostische Technologie

VIP Medical House Call bietet einen High-Tech-Ansatz für medizinische Hausbesuche. Unser Team aus zweisprachigen (englisch/spanisch) Ärzten und erfahrenen klinischen Krankenschwestern reagiert schnell auf nicht-notfallmäßige Anrufe im Komfort des Patienten zu Hause oder im Hotel. Unser Team trägt modernste medizinische Technologie für die primäre und dringende Versorgung bei:

Amerikanischer Service
in der Dominikanischen Republik

VIP Medical House Call hält sich an US-amerikanisch und internationalen Standards für medizinische Praxis, Sicherheit, Qualität, Fallmanagement und Datensicherheit. Alle Ärzte von VIP Medical House Call sind gegen ärztliche Kunstfehler und allgemeine Haftungsrisiken versichert.

VIP Medical House Call ist eine medizinische Serviceorganisation mit einem amerikanischen Praxis- und Service-Stil. Dadurch ist sie die beste Wahl für medizinische Hausbesuche bei internationalen und lokalen Patienten, bequem in ihrem Zuhause oder Hotel.


"Excellent service! I reached out to ViP-DR when I was recently sick with fever and stomach pain. Dr. Madera immediately responded with a tele-consultation to discuss the symptoms and evaluate the medical compliant. He was kind, attentive and re-assuring. The tele-consultation was followed up with a medical visit to examine me at my home. Dr Madera came equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and followed up on the physical examination with a very clear explanation of his findings. I was impressed with the quality of care and recommend ViP-DR as a fantastic option for personalized and convenient medical care."
Santo Domingo
"Thank You! I used ViP-DR when I was last in Santo Domingo. The doctor called me to ascertain my condition and followed up with a medical house call two hours later. The doctor spoke clear English and his communication skills were excellent. The doctor prescribed medication which was delivered to my hotel room! My medical issue was resolved better and faster than it would have been addressed back home in Montreal. ViP-MD is excellent idea. Thank you!"
Santo Domingo
"My elderly mother did not feel well on Sunday while she was staying with me. I called ViP-DR for a medical visit at home. Within less than one hour a doctor came to our home to examine my mother. Following physical examination and several diagnostic tests, the doctor determined that she was dehydrated and had low blood pressure. He administered infusion of fluids and provided a natural solution for the low blood pressure. The doctor was kind, patient and informative. I was impressed with the quality of care and recommend ViP-DR to anyone."
Santo Domingo

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