24/7 VIP Medical House Call

New In The Dominican Republic!

Concierge Style Primary & Urgent Care at YOUR Home, Hotel or Office

24/7 VIP Medical House Call

New In The Dominican Republic!

Concierge Style Primary & Urgent Care at YOUR Home, Hotel or Office

Why Use VIP Medical House Call?

Unmatched Convenience, Safety & Quality Care
Convenient Care-doc

Convenient Care

Personalized, focused primary and urgent medical care at the convenience of your home, office or hotel.

No Waitrooms

Avoid waiting with other sick patients in congested waiting rooms.

Avoid Traffic Hazards & Time Wasted

Save time by skipping traffic and receiving prompt medical care wherever you are.

Unmatched Safety & Comfort

Avoid leaving the safety of your home, or hotel, at night for a trip to the emergency room for simple medical problems.

Our Service

VIP Medical House Call Offers in-Persona Visits for:

VIP Medical also offers teleconsultation (telephone or video).

State of the Art Diagnostic Technology

VIP Medical House Call offers a high-tech approach to medical house-calls. Our team of bilingual (Eng/Span) physicians and senior clinical nurses rapidly respond to non-emergency calls at the convenience of the patient’s home or hotel. Our team carries state-of-the-art medical technology for primary and urgent care:

American style service
in the Dominican Republic

VIP Medical House Call adheres to American and international standards of medical practice, safety, quality, case management and data security. All VIP Medical House Call physicians are insured for medical malpractice.

VIP Medical House Call is a medical service organization with American practice standards and concierge service, making it the BEST CHOICE for medical house-call for Dominicans, expatriates and tourists.

Service Areas:

Bringing Quality Medical Services to Santo Domingo and beyond:

  • Santo Domingo
  • Juan Dolio
  • Casa de Campo
  • Cap Cana
  • Las Terrenas
  • Sosúa
  • Puerto Plata


The company was founded by S. Shai Gold, former American hospital executive and current owner of Alfa Strategies, LLC, and Francisco (Frank) Madera, MD, a General Practitioner with expertise in international medical services, medical case management and cost containment.

Business Rationale: High Tech Version of the Traditional “Doctor’s House Call”

Mr. Gold and Dr. Madera recognized that increased urbanization of the capital, and continued growth of luxury beachside communities, present functional challenges to accessing healthcare and give rise to consumer demand for private, concierge-style, healthcare service at home.

New neighborhoods and beachside communities are farther away from medical service providers, therefore facing unbearable traffic congestion and risky driving conditions.  Moreover, following the Covid-19 pandemic, patients are reluctant to stay in crowded medical practices, and congested hospital emergency rooms.

Finally, the massive influx of tourism and business visitors to Santo Domingo resulted in demand for use-friendly access to ethical and effective primary care and urgent care problems that can be treated in the convenience and safety of the hotel room.

Mr. Gold, Co-founder & President

In healthcare since 1990, Mr. Gold is a former executive at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami Florida (1995-1999 and 2001-2008), and an active international management consultant (1998-2001 and 2009 to date). Mr. Gold's expertise are in the areas of healthcare delivery, medical insurance, finance, medical assistance, air-ambulance organizations and developmental advisory to early stage companies.

Mr. Gold developed nearly $1B in healthcare projects, mostly while at the Jackson Health System, Florida's largest public-teaching health system.
At the Jackson Health System in Miami, Mr. Gold served as founding Vice President of International Medical Service and he is credited with successful development of a landmark program that generated $90M in annual revenue and set new standards for the participation of public-teaching hospitals in cross border healthcare.

Prior to this role, he headed Strategic Planning and Business Development where he was responsible for numerous innovative development initiatives that contributed to the financial turnaround of the hospital and forever changed its business culture.

A management consultant since 1998, Mr. Gold’s focus is on strategic advisory and operational efficiencies of payers, providers and TPAs. His clients include the likes of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital of Miami; John’s Hopkins Medicine International; David Shield iPMI; PassportCard Travel Insurance; ASUIA Re; International-Triage de Panama’, numerous Israeli medical startups and several governments.

Mr. Gold is a graduate of Florida International University in Miami (1995) with a dual BBA Degree in Management and International Business.

Dr. Francisco ‘Frank’ Madera

Dr. Francisco (Frank Madera), Co-Founder & Medical Director

Dr. Francisco (Frank Madera), Co-Founder & Medical Director

Maria Santana - R.N

Mariadhalia (Maria) Santana, RN Director of Nursing

Mrs. Santana is a graduate of University Eugenio Maria de Hostos (2016), a private not-for-profit university located in Santo Domingo. She is a seasoned post-operative nurse in hospital and ambulatory care environments, with added expertise in geriatric and psychiatry patients. Mrs. Santana is an effective nursing leader, excellent communicator and an exceptionally compassionate person who pursues excellence in healthcare.

How Does It Work?

VIP Medical House Call will always:

 1. Issue a medical record and a receipt to the patient.

2. At the patient’s request, we will send a copy of the medical record to your primary care doctor.

Step 1

Call or send a message to: 1-849-449-6600

Step 2

Our call center sends a link to your cell. Click and fill out the information.

Step 3

Service is scheduled ASAP.


Doctor arrives at your location.

Client Testimonials

"Excellent service! I reached out to ViP-DR when I was recently sick with fever and stomach pain. Dr. Madera immediately responded with a tele-consultation to discuss the symptoms and evaluate the medical compliant. He was kind, attentive and re-assuring. The tele-consultation was followed up with a medical visit to examine me at my home. Dr Madera came equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and followed up on the physical examination with a very clear explanation of his findings. I was impressed with the quality of care and recommend ViP-DR as a fantastic option for personalized and convenient medical care."
Santo Domingo
"Thank You! I used ViP-DR when I was last in Santo Domingo. The doctor called me to ascertain my condition and followed up with a medical house call two hours later. The doctor spoke clear English and his communication skills were excellent. The doctor prescribed medication which was delivered to my hotel room! My medical issue was resolved better and faster than it would have been addressed back home in Montreal. ViP-MD is excellent idea. Thank you!"
Santo Domingo
"My elderly mother did not feel well on Sunday while she was staying with me. I called ViP-DR for a medical visit at home. Within less than one hour a doctor came to our home to examine my mother. Following physical examination and several diagnostic tests, the doctor determined that she was dehydrated and had low blood pressure. He administered infusion of fluids and provided a natural solution for the low blood pressure. The doctor was kind, patient and informative. I was impressed with the quality of care and recommend ViP-DR to anyone."
Santo Domingo


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